• Stazione Centrale - Milano, 1959

    Archivio Alfa Castaldi

    Stazione Centrale - Milano, 1959
  • Inghilterra, 1955

    Archivio Alfa Castaldi

    Inghilterra, 1955
  • Metro - Parigi, 1988

    Archivio Alfa Castaldi

    Metro - Parigi, 1988
  • Entomologia - Vogue DP, 1991

    Archivio Alfa Castaldi

    Entomologia - Vogue DP, 1991
Archivio Alfa Castaldi.
Our archives offer a selection of the works of the Italian photographer Alfa Castaldi.
The selection includes reportage works from the 60's to 1993 and all of Alfa's portraits, if you are looking for fashion images please contact us at

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